Cain’s Crusaders: (The Human Chronicles Saga Book #6)


Introducing the most-badass team of galactic troubleshooters in the galaxy.

From international bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris comes BOOK #6 in his Epic 29-book-long Saga of Human Superiority throughout the galaxy and rhe foolish aliens who get in our way:

The Human Chronicles Saga – Cain’s Crusaders.

Adam Cain … The Alien with an Attitude is back!

This is the exciting continuation of The Human Chronicles Saga … the Epic story of Human Superiority among the stars. You see, in this universe, WE are the Supermen; the baddest, the toughest and the meanest creatures around. We are stronger, faster and more coordinated than any of the alien species we encounter. Just being HUMAN is what sets us apart.

Adam Cain is back as the head of Cain’s Crusaders, a small band of super-secret agents working for the head of the galactic Expansion, doing the dirty jobs no one else wants to do. Adam’s lates tmission is to rescue Arieel Bol, an important religious figure from the planet Formil, who just happens to have supernatural powers, or so it seems. And to top that, she’s also is the most-beautiful alien in the galaxy. Yet when a30-million-credit bounty is placed on their heads, Adam and Arieel will have to use all of their combined ‘powers’ to survive.

Back for another round of space opera adventures are Adam’s teammates Riyad Tarazi and Sherri Valentine, along with the arch-villain Nigel McCarthy. And don’t forget about the Klin and the Kracori, the two races consumed with an insane desire to destroy the Earth once and for all. They’re back and just as nasty as ever.

As you’ve come to expect from all the books in The Human Chronicles Saga, Cain’s Crusaders is full of thrilling space battles, exotic aliens and larger-than-life heroes … and with plenty of down-to-earth humor laced throughout. Once again you’ll be laughing and fist-pumping all the way through.

The Human Chronicles Saga is a MUST-READ for all fans of pure science fiction. Pick up the entire series today … and find out why this thrill-a-minute collection of space opera adventures has become one of the bestselling sci-fi series on Amazon over the past six years.

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