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From the International bestselling author of the Annihilation Series comes Saxon Andrew’s next installment in the Lens of Time Series, Star Rover-Running out of Time. The Union has defeated the Masters and can now confront the Grillen, who have invaded more than a million planets in M87 and are threatening to invade the Union. While the Union was fighting for survival against the black monsters in a distant galaxy, the Grillen have begun building warships that are invincible. They are immune to the Rover’s beams and the Union’s force fields are no barrier to their destructive power. No one knows where the Grillen suddenly acquired this new and deadly technology but an answer must be found quickly before the full production of these Grey Ships leads to the Union Fleets being overwhelmed.

Time is running out and the future doesn’t look good. The only chance of success is going to be left in the ten arms of a former Master and there is huge doubt he can be trusted. The action becomes fast and furious when the source of the Grillen Technology enters the war. This is a page turner that will keep you up to the thrilling conclusion.

Excerpt from Star Rover-Running out of Time
Katherine stared at her monitor and watched as the forty dark grey ships flashed in on the squadron of Rovers and opened fire. The hundred Rovers scattered but twenty six of them exploded in huge red explosions. The survivors turned on their attackers and started firing on them but their beams were shrugged off by the Grey Ships. “Where did the Grillen acquire those ships?”

Brad shook his head, “They lifted off the planet the Grillen invaded six months ago. The squadron of Rovers was sent there to hit their ship building facilities on the planet’s surface.”

“Those ships are light years ahead of their other ships.”

“Yes Sir, they are. We’ve started taking a close look at the planets invaded in the Red Zone in M87 and we’ve discovered they were chosen for a reason.”

“What is that?”

“It appears all of them have an abundance of an ore that is used to build those ships. They’re starting to build those grey ships in huge numbers and it appears we can’t match them with our current technology.”

“How would they know about that ore?”

“We don’t know, Admiral. However, if we don’t slow them down, we’re in big trouble.”
Katherine stared at the display as the other Rovers were killed. Only ten ships managed to escape. “Get Dat Arvolo here now!” Katherine stared at a still of a small Grey Ship that spelled doom for the civilized planets in the Milky Way. If an answer to them wasn’t found quickly…Katherine shook her head. Where did they learn how to build that ship?

This review is from: Star Rover-The Worst of Time (Lens of Time (Book Five)) (Kindle Edition)
I have read all this series and am waiting for the next one, don’t be too long Saxon Andrew, your stories are great, keep up the good work.

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